CEREC (CEramicREConstruction)

  • No more classical prints!!
  • No more provisional!!
  • No more visits to the technician and no more test sessions!!
  • A single appointment!!
  • A single anaesthesia!!
  • Ceramic REConstruction!!
    • Superior aesthetics!! (large range of colours, translucent)
    • Resistence!! (ready made ceramic material)
    • Precision!! (Perfect marginal adaptation – reduced risk of carious infiltration on the reconstructed tooth, the guarantee for dental health and long-term treatment success)
    • Excellent Bio-compatibility!! (anti-abrasive ceramic, resistant to bacterial plaque adherence)

What is CEREC?

CEREC system made the headlines from it’s beginnings by allowing a tooth restoration through a prosthetic device in a single visit, by this eliminating the intermediate visits (actually not a few) necessary due to the collaboration with the dental technique laboratories.

So, the patients could resume to their daily activities in the shortest time possible, and in the same time benefiting of higher quality dental restorations.

CEREC (Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics) is a computerized system with which you can design and produce, in a single session, an extremely precise, aesthetic and resistant single-tooth prosthetic device.


CEREC represents the latest solution for extended dental defects restoration, being an excellent alternative to:

  • un-aesthetic metal or composite fillings (less resistant on long term)
  • dental crowns (metallic, metal-ceramic or full ceramic) realised in the dental technique laboratories in a higher number of treatment sessions

History, clinical and scientifically relevance

CEREC technology has a history of 20 years of successful scientific research and clinical experiences. Globally, until present there have been realised more than 8 million of restorations using CEREC Technology.

We believe that all our clients must have rapid access to the most beautiful smile and this can be solved with CEREC technology.

Dr. Octavian Fagaras has the longest experience with this technology in Romania, with several thousand restorations in portofolio, starting to work with CEREC 3D already from 2003 (date of the system’s appearance on the market)

How is CEREC functioning?

CEREC is part of the so-called CAD/CAM system (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) and physically includes two separate units:

  • The first unit is in fact a computer equipped with an intra-oral camera. The camera is realising a digital optic “impression” of the tooth previously prepared by the dentist, by this eliminating the need to realise the patient so-hated dental impressions. The immediately transferred image will appear on the monitor. Starting from this digital “impression”, the dentist is realising with special software, the 3D design of the future CAD (Computer Aided Design) restoration. This design is saved and transferred to the second computerised unit. Then, the doctor will determine in-office the coloured of the, to be restored tooth and will choose accordingly a prefabricated ceramic cube.
  • The second unit is actually a computerised extremely precise milling system, which is manufacturing from this aesthetic cube the future dental restoration (crown or inlay). In this time the patient is relaxing in the waiting lounge for around 40 minutes.

Finally, the resulted restoration is perfectly adapted and will be cemented in the same session, on the previously prepared tooth.