Manole Sava

Licensed in film image and photographer with over 10 years of experience, Manole created the Greenmind Studio in 2006, and has been working since then for most of the advertising agencies in Bucharest, developing together print campaigns for top clients.

Greenmind – a full service photography studio.

Concept and treatment, full production, photography with the best professional equipment, CGI, retouching, all under one roof.

“We provide every service our clients need in order to see their idea come to life. Just tell us your idea and we help you develop and finalize it.”

CRI8 is not an agency but a network. A network of specialists from various fields focused on a common factor. In other words we are selling the spare time of some of the best people in PR, marketing and advertising: we manage projects and we think the most effective strategies for your brand.

Ioan Bunea

Is the one who always has a new idea. He likes challenges, incitement, and generally all that is sophisticated and exotic. Tomorrow he would go to China ... no matter where ... details are always solved. Communicative and natural, he always succeeds to collaborate with any type of person, to create groups and structures. He succeeds to see a potential in everybody ... as you never know how you can capitalise it.

You can find him at CRI8

Creative. Original. Exuberant. Incisive.

You can also find him at CRI8