Rodica Benintendi - "The Story of the Colours"

"If something can speak better about myself, Rodica Benintendi, that something is represented by my paintings.

I am addressing myself to people who know or want to learn that art is rewarding, and this vibration I received it as a gift, since I was a child, from my talented teachers - Deac, Matasareanu, Ghemes, Bulacu and many others – in the art schools I attended.

True masters of beauty; I considered myself privileged when they spoke to me with the beauty lovers heart and, passionate of the process through which and individual that appears like any other, is transforming a raw material in something unique and emotional.

To fulfil myself, I continued my transformation: from the aspiring stage in the late ’90, along great teachers and artists of the times, in Firenze (Italy).

But my personality metamorphosis was determined by Focardi G, an artist who helped me discover my mysterious side and the availability of not focalising only on one way to express myself. Therefore: my murals, the large dimension canvas paintings realised with different techniques, fabric painting on many types of support (clothes, shoes, and not least hand painting on curtains).

They all gave me hope that i succeeded to realise a unique work full with personality.

I am far away of fulfilling myself, but all these helped me to feel more profound, spiritually rich, and a better person. And the recipe is simple ... to combine the talent, ambition and exercise, concentration and will to reach a new dimension.

Every artwork is a story and I believe that each one of them has an emotional component. The stories are realised with lots of involvement, fantasy and personal touch at length.

I dared to dream! ... and humbly admit that ... i have not said it all yet!

I will let you discover the start, granting you the mirage of a story where we can all say: It was once upon a time ... "