Indent - Dental Tourism; in photo - Dr. Andreea Petrovits

Dental tourism

  • real cost dentistry at the highest professional standards
  • historical tourism combined with fine culinary adventures
  • and a warm hospitality

All of these will make Indent – Bucharest, your favourite destination among all others.

Dental tourism offers real value and convenience for many dental patients because they can save time by sending along their x-rays and records in advance. Most people choose these vacations for cost savings, but clever planners can combine crucial dental treatments at real rates with an exciting itinerary, and by this treatment becomes more agreeable.

Why Indent?

Because Indent offers you:

  • The international experience and training of both leading doctors, Dr. Octavian Fagaras and Dr. Andreea Petrovits, are granting dental treatments to the highest international standards
  • The clinic’s equipment and the materials used in the treatments are aligned to the ongoing scientific developments in dentistry
  • The clinic’s ambiance was specially designed for patient’s psychological comfort