Bredent Medical Romania

Supplier of stomatological products for implantology

Founding Bredent-Medical ROMANIA represents is an appreciation of the German company Bredent Medical GmbH & Co.KG for its products’ Romanian users who deserve both a higher attention but also a high quality representation and assistance services.

“We place the PATIENT in the centre of our attention, being aware that, in partnership with the implantologist doctor, prosthetic doctor and dental technician, and having provided quality products that are symbiotic combining in treatment concepts, we will contribute to the increase of his life quality.”

Artis Bio Tech

Art In Stomatology – Bio Technology.

Distributor of implant systems, biomaterials and dental equipment; reliable partner of dentistry specialists from 2006.

Artis Bio Tech mission: "To remain a market leader in dental implantology, offering innovative customised solutions and to be recognised by the professionals in the field as the top services’ partner."

Dental View

Dental Imaging Centre

Dental View is the first network of dental imaging centres in Romania, having both services and equipment that meet the highest requested standards. Besides the available ultra’ modern equipment, Dental View clinics work with a professionals team orientated for the patients’ comfort and satisfaction partner clinics’ doctors.

Ultradent Romania

Distributor of dentistry products and equipment

Ultradent is the single representative of Ultradent Products Inc - United States in Romania. Having a more than 14 years experience in Romania, Ultradent developed a partnership with the most powerful medical product and equipment’ distributors, a solid product distribution channel, focusing its activity on satisfying consumer’s demand with some of world’s most performing dentistry products.

Having a 30 years experience, Ultradent products is actively communicating in more than 98 countries, transmitting its mission' message “Globally improve the oral hygiene” and actively supporting both dentists and patients’ communities, with innovations and scientific discoveries. Every year, Ultradent is expanding its research work, enriching the trademark portfolio with new products used and appreciated by dentists worldwide. Among the most popular products: Opalescence Professional Bleaching System, Amelogen composite, PQ1 bonding, ViscoStat hemostatic gel or UltraPak retraction thread.


Dental Imaging Centre

Diviodent is proposing the use of new digital dental radiography technology, superior to the classic one in medical (significantly lower radiation), ecological (developing solutions that have limited impact on the environment) and economic (low execution time, image accuracy and complexity and also reduced analysis time) terms.

Team Dental - Artists of Dentistry is functioning in the unique ambience of the 1000 year old castle in Mühldorf. The combination of history, art and modern dentistry allows the team of higly specialised and international recognised dentists and well trained staff to offer to it's patients both a very special kind of experience and a constant high quality and best service.