Indent - Oral Surgery; Dr. Med. Dent. Fagaras Octavian phd/dds

Oral surgery

Oral surgical treatments are required in those situations where necessary either saving or removing the teeth affected by severe complications or preparing a favourable "ground" for further prosthetic restorations or for implants insertion.

In our clinic, you can benefit of all oral surgery treatments, such as:

  • Exodontics – dental  extractions;
  • Surgical uncovering of impacted teeth;
  • Periodontal surgery: gingivectomy; root planning; subgingival flapless curettage /open curettage
  • Endodontic surgery – apical resections: removal of the root tip and of affected surrounding tissue;
  • Cystectomy: removal of remaining intra-osseous cysts;
  • Preprosthetic surgery – adjustment of edentulous ridges for further prosthetics;
  • Sinus lift: surgical technique with a high degree of difficulty, for increasing the maxillary bone offer, to provide future support for implants;
  • Implantology 

All treatments are performed using optical magnification equipment (through magnifying glasses or microscope) to ensure maximum precision.

All these treatments are performed  by Dr. Octavian Fagaras,  surgeon with a vast (more than 23 years) experience in implantology and dentoalveolar surgery.