Indent - Implantologie; Dr. Med. Dent. Fagaras Octavian phd/dds

Immediate on 6 - Immediate on 4

What means

Immediate on 6 - Immediate on 4?

Anesthesia, extraction, dental implants inseration, immediate denture with fixed bridge - all in one day.

Many patients who are about to get totally edentulous or they are actually in this situation, want a fixed restoration without being forced to bear augmentation procedures requiring longer waiting time and supplementary costs.

The majour advantage of using the Immediate on 6 or Immediate on 4 system is that we have now the possibility to offer our patients, in a single day, fixed denture with which they can eat immediately after the surgery, thus resuming their social life in record time.

The procedures of: extraction, implant insertion and temporary restoration or permanent restoration are done in one operation during a single day.

Due to angulated implants, the native bone becomes a perfect bio ‘mechanic support for the restoration. The immediate loading is also possible due to implants connection in a passive construction – in this case an intraoral cemented bridge. The execution of the temporary bridge, perfectly passive, is realised in around 2 hours.

The possibility of exact planning, anticipated, of time and costs eliminate the risk of both doctor and patient. Even more, the temporary restoration allows the negotiation between patient and doctor of a future appointment calendar, by this gaining sufficient time, necessary for a high quality permanent denture.

The base of this technique was led by Dr. Paolo Malo, who invented it in 1995 in Portugal under the name of “All-on-4”. Then, Bredent, in 2007 with the collaboration of Dr. Georg Bayer, improved this technique and the accessories and launched on the market the “Fast & Fixed”, the system that all other techniques relates on.

Even if it sounds easy, this technique must be performed only by implantologists with wide experience.

In our clinic, this procedure is performed, for many years now, by Dr. Octavian Fagaras 

Dr. Octavian Fagaras is the one who, in 2006, brought the Sky implant system in Romania and has trained dozens of doctors in dental implantology techniques.

Dr. Fagaras is the first to successfully introduce Fast & Fixed (Bredent), Art on 6, Art on 4, Immediate on 6, Immediate on 4 (powered by BIONER systems) technique in Romania.

The implant grows the self confidence with 80%

In addition of regaining full masticatory function, dental implants are improving the patient’s life quality. Self-confidence is increasing with up to 80%, social life intensifies, and the diet is considerably diversified, by this favouring the strengthen of body immune system.

A study done by the Louisiana School of Dentistry, New Orleans, demonstrates the connection between the dental implant and patient’s psychological comfort after surgery.

88% of respondents say that after procedure they gained more self-confidence, 97% believe that the dental implant effects are spectacular and it is the best solution for replacing missing teeth. Also, 89% would repeat anytime the surgery procedure, if this is performed by experienced implantology specialists and to the same first time standards, while 98% mentioned that the whole dentition condition improved after implant achievement.

Also, over 60% of patients with dental implants received positive comments regarding their aesthetic appearance. It was found that once edentation was solved; the person smiles more, being more happy and self-confident, which improves aesthetics.